Rai's “Linea Verde Start” Visits Icydrink: A Chilled Experience with Mario Montanari
In an exciting turn of events, the renowned Italian national broadcaster, Rai, recently paid a visit to Icydrink, the innovative company that has revolutionized the world of beverages. The purpose of their visit was to interview Mario Montanari, the visionary behind Icydrink, and explore the unique concept of serving drinks in glasses made entirely of ice. The esteemed journalist from Rai's Linea Verde Start, Federico Quaranta, arrived in Bologna to conduct the interview and personally experience the magic of sipping from an icy glass.
Icydrink has made a name for itself by adding a touch of novelty and sophistication to the beverage industry. By crafting glasses purely from ice, Icydrink has created a remarkable experience for its customers, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Mario Montanari, the creative mind behind this idea, saw an opportunity to combine his passion for beverages with his love for the extraordinary. The result? A truly unforgettable drinking experience that blends artistry, science, and the pure pleasure of indulging in a refreshing beverage.
When Federico Quaranta, the esteemed journalist from Rai's Linea Verde Start, arrived in Bologna, excitement filled the air at Icydrink's headquarters. The team was eager to showcase their innovative creations and share their story with the world. As cameras rolled and microphones were set up, Mario Montanari took center stage, ready to offer a glimpse into the captivating world of Icydrink.
During the interview, Mario shared his inspiration behind Icydrink and how his passion for mixology, combined with a desire to create a unique experience, led him to experiment with ice glasses. He explained the meticulous process of crafting these delicate yet stunning drinking vessels, emphasizing the importance of using high-quality water and maintaining optimal freezing conditions. With each glass carefully sculpted, Icydrink ensures that every customer receives an exquisite work of art, enhancing the overall drinking experience.
No visit to Icydrink would be complete without experiencing the magic firsthand. As part of the interview, Federico Quaranta had the opportunity to try one of Icydrink's famous ice glasses. With anticipation in the air, Mario Montanari presented Federico with a meticulously crafted glass, filled with a refreshing beverage of his choice. Federico's eyes lit up as he held the icy creation, appreciating the craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into its making.
Taking a sip from the ice glass, Federico couldn't help but smile. The cold touch of the glass added a unique sensation to the drink, enhancing its flavors and creating a truly immersive experience. As the interview continued, Federico praised Icydrink for their innovation and commitment to pushing boundaries in the beverage industry.
Rai's Linea Verde Start visit to Icydrink and their interview with Mario Montanari showcased the remarkable fusion of art and science that Icydrink represents. Mario's vision and passion have brought a touch of magic to the world of beverages, offering customers an unforgettable experience with their stunning glasses made entirely of ice. With the support of esteemed journalists like Federico Quaranta, Icydrink continues to inspire and captivate both local and international audiences. Through their innovative approach, Icydrink has proven that the simplest of elements, like water and ice, can be transformed into something extraordinary. So, the next time you're in Bologna, don't miss the chance to experience the chilly delight of an Icydrink glass and indulge in a truly unique drinking experience.

"Icydrink, the revolution is in a glass of ice"
"Beautiful and sweet Bologna. I spent seven years there, perhaps the most beautiful", said Pier Paolo Pasolini about his Bolognese experience. The capital of Emilia has always been one of the most dynamic and fascinating cities in Italy, indulgent and passionate. Here eating and drinking well is guaranteed, and fun is assured.
It cannot be a coincidence, then, that from the porticos of Bologna, a Copernican revolution in drinking has begun, transforming ice into glasses to enhance the taste and aroma of drinks. The theorist of this revolution is Mario Montanari, who has turned an idea among friends into a company capable of exporting ice glasses all over the world. "I sell ice to the Eskimos," he tells us, welcoming us into the Bolognese office, the base of the company that markets the ice glasses and the machines to produce them.
"We developed a patent step by step, experimenting with solutions, successes, and failures. The glass had to have specific characteristics; we needed a machine that responded to these needs. Today we are satisfied, our machines are designed and made in Italy, our glasses are appreciated all over the world," adds Mario Montanari. Not only as glasses for events and evenings, but also as a support to serve dishes and creations of chefs, with whom we have been collaborating a lot recently.
Icydrink is not a simple glass of ice, "which allows you to cool the drink without diluting its content as happens with normal ice cubes", but a real sensory experience. "I like to watch people trying our glasses - this entrepreneur from Bologna continues with his warm intercalations - Icydrink is an experience that involves several senses: sight, touch and the taste of flavors enhanced by the ice glass".
The glass doesn't melt in your hand because Icydrink has a glass support, studied at the time with his friend Lauro Ghedini, to insulate the ice and channel it, once melted, into a spiral bottom that retains the water without spilling it.
"Icydrink is ecological, once used it melts without ending up among the waste, and also very fun," Montanari tells us. The owner of a bar organizes a game at the end of the evening, a kind of target shooting," he adds between anecdotes.
Icydrink machines and glasses are in the most exclusive bars and clubs in the world, from the United States to the glittering Arab world, from the most partying beaches in Europe to the homes of wealthy entrepreneurs and businessmen. "Our machines, which are the same size as normal ice-making equipment, can "bake" up to eight glasses every half hour," adds Montanari.
Icydrink is an inverted cone, completely made of ice, with the same capacity as a normal cocktail glass. "A thickness of one centimeter guarantees correct cooling, perfect for those who want to offer quality cocktails or fresh food, dishes with pure and delicate aromas". Especially, however, perfect for those who want to upset the concept of a glass, to embrace a challenge made of revolutionary ideas, of exaltation of quality and Italian entrepreneurial culture.
Source: https://www.confartigianato.it/2018/05/ritratti-del-lavoro-icydrink-la-rivoluzione-sta-in-un-bicchiere-di-ghiaccio/
"Bologna: Icydrink introduced, the ice glass that makes cocktails glamorous. Icydrink presented at the Nu Lounge on via dei Musei in Bologna.
Whiskey on the rocks or a Martini with ice? Old-fashioned, a relic of the last century that has barely managed to survive this glimpse of the 2000s. Not so much for the distilleries in question – scotch and vermouth are still popular – but for ice cubes and crushed ice, ingredients often indispensable for cooling a drink but that slowly but inexorably, melting, turned any drink into a watery broth.
Now all this can retire thanks to an invention destined to revolutionize the panorama of happy hour, aperitifs, cocktails, and more: Icy Drink, an innovative glass made of the purest ice nestled on special spiraling crystal supports with an exclusive design and designed to collect in their hollow base the water resulting from the (actually very slow) melting of the ice.
Produced by Reale srl, Icy Drink was born from the imagination of Bolognese Mario Montanari, inventor of a machine, rigorously patented, for the production of cups of ice pressed at very low temperature, and is proposed not only as a valid alternative to ice cubes when you sip a cocktail or drink, but also for the tasting of dishes that must be kept cold such as raw fish, caviar, shrimp cocktail, gazpacho, vichyssoise, finger foods, sorbets, fruit salads, and ice creams.
And this great innovation arrived a few weeks ago in Bologna to be presented in one of the temples of glamorous aperitifs, the Nu Lounge, a popular and frequented venue on via dei Musei, under the historic frame of the old "portico of death", where officiating the honors of the house was thought of by a top-notch bartender, Daniele Dalla Pola, fresh from his triumph at the "42Below Cocktail World Cup" Championships held in New Zealand.
Filling the brand new Icy Drinks was just Elisir d’Amore, the cocktail that allowed Dalla Pola to climb onto the world bartender's throne: vodka flavored with pineapple and Sichuan pepper, cane sugar syrup scented with orange and lemon peels and ginger, precious French red fruit liqueur, lavender vodka, centrifuged and filtered pineapple juice, a hint of limoncello, one of Fernet Branca, all sprayed with lavender-scented water and decorated with a sprig of lavender.
Accompanied by a festive atmosphere cheered by lovely models, and many other imaginative cocktails created by Dalla Pola, imaginative inventions based on cucumber sorbet, ginger beer, or Provence rose vodka, to celebrate the advent of a new era in the world of cocktails: no longer with ice or on ice but directly inside the ice."
Icydrink at Super Bowl XLII
SUPER BOWL XLII (42 ° NFL Annual Championship)
ICYDRINK will present its first promotional campaign on the US market during the most followed US television broadcast of the year, the annual Super Bowl, held at the University of Phoenix Stadium in the sunny Glendale, Arizona.
In collaboration with Centerplate Concessions (www.centerplate.com) and Ketel One Vodka (www.ketelone.com), the team ICYDRINK will serve the famous eyeglasses at the exclusive event of Martini Ketel One in collaboration with ICE BAR & LOUNGE, specifically produced for this event.
Super Bowl XLII and surrounding events will involve over 100,000 people and will be a great promotional opportunity for ICYDRINK to pass on its innovative concept to a larger national audience that will surely adore the new sensual way of drinking.
Icydrink awarded by the New York Magazine as the best way to serve cold coffee in New York
The famous NEW YORK MAGAZINE has awarded Icydrink as the best glass to serve cold coffee in New York.
Journalists from the New York Magazine, running around in a hot and muggy day, looking for a ubiquitous summer refreshing drink, and after trying Icydrink, has stated: “We experienced the drink’s next wave – a rich, smooth espresso shot served in Icydrink, invented in Italy and debuted here last month at a Milan design show. It keeps the drinks cold, but not watery, with the ice melting downward, dripping into a reservoir at the bottom of its custom-made glass”
This innovative way of drinking has amazed the people of New York. The touch of the lips on the ice allows them to perceive a fascinating way of drinking a good espresso that does not consist only in pouring the hot brew over stale ice cubes.
Next to the iced coffee, Icydrink is also perfect to serve any kind of cocktail, aperitif or even food like a shrimp cocktail of the same sensual, elegant and fascinating charm.
Source: http://nymag.com/restaurants/features/18305/
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